Why RADEX Institute?


If you wish to switch your industry or transition to your current position, you must add the Regulatory Affairs field to your options.

Why Choose Regulatory Affairs Program?

As pharmaceutical companies rapidly seek approval for products, demand is growing for qualified regulatory affairs professionals and RADEX Institute offers an Regulatory Affairs program that provides integrated knowledge and broad perspectives about all the regulations and regulatory processes for drugs, biologics, biosimilars, medical devices, combination products, and cosmetics in the USA, Europe, and MENA Region (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates UAE) in a way that prepares the Regulatory Affairs trainees to effectively manage the regulatory activities smoothly and efficiently with expedited timelines.

Regulatory Affairs (RA) is the link between pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, or dietary supplement companies, AND Food & Drug Administration in each country, such as USFDA, European Medicines Agency (EMA), and others.

Why Choose RADEX Institute Graduate Certificates?

In our five-course and three-course certificate programs, students will learn about the roles and responsibilities of regulatory affairs professionals in the development of new medical products.
  • Exclusive International Experience

Our students will explore the regulatory jurisdiction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, Saudi Food and Drug Administration, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention, and Jordan Food and Drug Administration.

  • Distinctive Topics Diversity

Our programs prepare students with the required skills, integrated knowledge, and broad perspectives about the laws and regulations that apply to drugs, biologics, biosimilars, medical devices, combination products, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pharmacovigilance to enter national and international markets.

  • Exposure to Variety of Occupational Fields

The program covers all fields of Regulatory Affairs, comprising of regulatory compliance, operational, strategic, clinical, CMC, and Submission Specialist Regulatory Affairs.

  • Expert Faculty Instructors

RADEX Institute decided to hire highly qualified regulatory affairs professionals to bring their knowledge and experience in global regulatory affairs regulations to Florida, USA, and that is how RADEX Institute was formed in Florida in January 2021.

  • Reliable Text Books with Copyrights

The programs materials are arranged in textbooks book titled “Regulatory Affairs of Drugs and Medical Devices” with copy rights from USA, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

  • Phenomenal Knowledge and Skills

We provide critical thinking workshops that allow trainees to apply their theoretical earned knowledge in a practical way.

  • Hands-on Experience to Fit Career Goals

Focus on the business side with the hands-on projects, as trainees are exposed to real life experience. This practical experience improves our graduates resume while demonstrating to potential employers that they possess the transferable abilities necessary for career success.

  • Flexible For Working Professionals

The online weekend-long program is designed to provide working professionals the flexibility they need to maintain work, life, and school balance.

  • Join Professional Network

Graduates of RADEX Institute, become part of an international community of regulatory affairs professionals who work in companies and regulatory authorities around the world.

Why We at RADEX Institute Decided to Put All Regulatory Affairs Topics of all these Jurisdictions In Two Graduate Certificate Programs?

1. Stability and Confidence:

Since the regulatory affairs topics covered by RADEX Graduate Certificate programs are worldwide in scope, graduates who choose to switch workplaces or countries won’t have to start from scratch because they’ll already possess all the necessary full knowledge.

2. More Career Opportunities and become “In-demand”:

RADEX Graduate Certificate Programs empower scholars, scientists, and professionals by experiencing all Regulatory Affairs types that will help our graduates stay competitive and open a wide horizon of job opportunities to choose from that aspires them to be global leaders who can tackle complex challenges.